Patricia Fox's Writing Projects

Other Screenplays

A Korean adoptee, and his white long-time girlfriend, end up having both their fathers move in with them, hers because he's a compulsive gambler, his because he's a pack rat whose fifth wife threw him out; while the couple's garage keeps getting broken into by an at-risk African American boy who finds a box of porn magazines inside.

A successful Wall Street attorney reluctantly returns to rural North Dakota to help his family fight against an agricultural corporate giant that's quickly taking over the food industry.

A salesman sends a text message to God flippantly when he’s out for drinks with a co-worker, asking for an extra day that week to get ahead in a competition at work, he gets it, but he discovers that he’s cursed with an extra day every week until he learns how to treat people.

A young woman quits her high-consumption New York City lifestyle to return to British Columbia in order to salvage a strained relationship with her father since her mother's death, along the way she picks up a traveler who is on his way to Alaska to live off the land, and their ideologies clash over the meaning of life and the need for love.

An L.A. homicide detective, who also rents spare rooms in his apartment building to aspiring Hollywood actresses, must prove his innocence when one of them is brutally murdered by someone bent on revenge, exposing the detective's dirty secret.

When Doves Cry:
A group of high school seniors navigate the treachery of young adulthood while seeking the ultimate Minneapolis experience, seeing legendary Prince perform live.

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